Product Design & Development

Who will develop your new process or product?

In an ever faster changing world the need to come up with new procucts or giving an existing product a face lift is time consuming and demanding extra resources. Small companies may not have a development de-partment and in many larger companies the slimmed organisations have nor a technical neither a develop-ment department nowadays. Many problems remains unsolved or actions come too late.

What is design and what is development, and if combined?

Design for industrial tools or processes are different to designing of clothes, furniture or consumables, but there are similarities. You want the tool or process to look inviting, to work intuitively and acquisitiveness will help to sell in the tool or process. In redesigning a product or process there will be a need for at least some further development, but for a new tool or process development is essential. The work process is uniqe for every project, but here are some points to consider:

  • Define project
  • Specification
  • Draft design
  • Draft development
  • Prototype
  • Buying agent
  • Comissioning

Case Studies

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