Electrostratics Services

Measuring services

Measurements of electrostatic fields or other electrostatic properties are often crucial for controlling a process or meeting material specifications.

In general problem-solving or troubleshooting, static measurements often prove to be highly important. We offer measurement services for various needs, including feasibility studies, preliminary studies, troubleshooting, test runs, commissioning, and more. We can conduct measurements at your location, on your materials or machinery and equipment, or perform measurements on materials sent to us.

Some typical services you can expect from Electrostatics Consulting include:

  • General assessment of your facility, measuring static electricity and creating a simple measurement report for initial mapping purposes.
  • Expansion of control and process parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity, particles, etc.) for process and product optimization.
  • Verification of function for existing installations and assessment of the condition of existing discharge or charging equipment.
  • Additionally, through data collection, we can track a critical measurement point over a specific period, whether hourly, shift-wise, or daily, and present the data numerically and graphically.

If you prefer to conduct measurements yourself but need assistance in implementing appropriate procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide further information.

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