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How do you communicate complicated
technical information?

When introducing a new product or novel technique, either verbally or in writing, it is necessary to consider a number of questions before addressing the reader, audience etc. The obvious thing to ask is what the message is and who the receiver is. Isn’t that enough? Well, no…to make sure the message gets through to the receiver one must identify which type of presentation works best and also choose the most appropriate level of information.

So, we are looking for a mind reader, technical writer, actor and performing artist to be on the safe side, well at least some common sense and a lot of practice.

What can we teach you and your team?


  • How to explain technique for non technicians
  • Team building with In-house training program
  • Making life easier in development process
  • Instruction Manual – why, how, what for and for whom?
  • Static electricity as a problem to industry – introduction
  • Active use of static electricity in industrial processes

Case Studies

We have troubleshooted for:

Do you need an in-house training program or an external communicator?