About Electrostatics Consulting

Who I am

As an accomplished consultant specializing in static electricity and manufacturing, I leverage a combination of generalist knowledge and deep specialist skills. Through collaborative and strategic approaches, I generate innovative ideas by employing critical thinking, creativity, and common sense. With decades of diverse industry experience, I bring invaluable practical wisdom to the table, delivering customized solutions that precisely address your unique requirements.

My Mission

I help you unravel the entangling mysteries by providing fresh energy, asking stupid questions, using reverse engineering, lateral thinking and other things you overlooked so you can find the answer to your question

What I Do

  • Work multidisciplinary
  • Background search
  • Identify project drivers
  • Carry a well equipped tool box
  • Solve complex problems
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Use cost-efficient methods

My Expertise

Most projects require at one stage or another the ability to communicate and share important information with both specialists and laymen. With a wide experience of running projects from start to finish we are used to handle diverse questions covering the process from idea through feasibility studies, design & development, production to marketing and sales.

The name of this site is obviously based on decades of projects where static electricity has been an important component. BUT,  although the initial question often is concerning electrostatics a large number of the cases you find here show the breadth of technological specialities involved.

The Design and Construction of the ”Supernatural Multiplexor” for the art exhibition ”Spirit” in the Univ. of Tartu Museum and St. John´s Church was a somewhat unusual task which illustrates how the use of lateral thinking can combine Technologies with Art.



An unforeseen issue may  put production to a stop. Getting help from an external trouble shooter is a quick and cost efficient way to resolve a seemingly complicated issue.

Feasability Studies

Gathering, evaluating and reporting findings as a basis for decision making. When you need answers to whether something has been done, can be done, the predicted price and so on.

Product Design & Development

The need for designing a product or production process require input from various sources and use of many areas of expertise. Outsourcing projects as well as bringing in help to work with your team will facilitate the process.

Courses, Lectures & InHouse Training

A continuous training of a your work force keeping everybody up to date with the latest technology needs to be adapted to the reciever at the right level. We share our knowledge in a way that suits your needs.

Why Choose Electrostatics Consulting?

By use of an open mind and a wast experience from crossover between technological fields and technological shifts in the creative process I often find unexpected and simple solutions.

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