Feasability Studies

Collecting, evaluating and reporting findings as a basis for decision making.

Why do we need to make a feasability study?

Each project has its specific areas of interest depending on which are the objectives of the study. There are different questions to be answered when a new product should be introduced to the market by a sales and marketing company or when a development company needs to come up with a product to fill an already well defined gap in the market.

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Can we design a new ionizing gun with built-in high voltage generator?

Can we make a cleaning unit for inside and outside cleaning for sterile vials?

Is there a specific method for making the study?

Well, no not really, but if you cannot define the product and identify a customer need for buying, either forget the idea or redefine to get the answers right. There are many questions to be answered before you start investing larger sums in a new project and once the homework has been properly done less major unforseen obstacles will turn up. Here are some points you will have to consider for your new project:

  • Market survey, segmentation
  • Competitors
  • Price structure
  • Patentability
  • Technical restraints
  • Production facilities
  • Legislation

Case Studies

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