RT Microcleaner

A micro particle surface cleaning machine - Patents and prototype for sale

"Until now, most cleaning methods to remove micro particles from surfaces have either been insufficient or been very complicated."

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Why do we need

The removal of micro sized particles from material surfaces is a well-known problem in most branches of industry. Until now most cleaning methods have either been insufficient or been very complicated. Cleaning by hand, rinsing with water or other fluids, clean room production etc. are just a few typical examples. 

RT-cleaner is a compact unit which is easily integrated into machine lines. Cleaning of flat surfaces in a production flow can be regarded as a unit operation when investing in a new machine line or for retrofitting when upgrading an existing line. 

Demonstration of the simple and intuitive handling

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Important features of the RT-Microcleaner

  • Removes unwanted particles from flat surfaces by use of patented method
  • Residual particles from the production process or airborne contaminants can be removed
  • Cleaning substrate continously regenerated for long life
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Intuitive handling for operator

Ideal for industrial processes

RT-Microcleaner will be ideal for industrial processes such as painting, laquering, laminating etc. where micro particles result in internal rejects, inferior quality or reclaims. 

Manufacturers of machinery for the above mentioned processes as well as sanding machine manufacturers and many more may integrate the RT-Microcleaner into their processes.

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